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Bulk Materials International: For bulk handling and transportation professionals worldwide.
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Published: 1 February 2018      

Mantsinen 300 handler to Helsinki

The world’s largest hydraulic crane, the Mantsinen 300, recently started operation in the Port of Helsinki’s Vuosaari Harbour.

The buyer of the crane, which weighs 373t and has a reach of 36m, is the logistics company Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab, which is part of the KWH Group. The crane will be used in Vuosaari by Adolf Lahti’s affiliate, Oy M Rauanheimo Ab, mainly to handle pulp bales.

The first major pulp shipment left Vuosaari in December. The cargo is delivered to Vuosaari Harbour from Äänekoski, central Finland, by rail and a fully loaded cargo train has 22 cars. The estimated annual amount of cargo handled by the crane is about 800,000t.

“This project will increase our volume of freight traffic by about 10%, which will really put the Mantsinen 300 to the test,” said Port of Helsinki Ltd CEO Kimmo Mäki.

Rauanheimo’s area sales manager Niko Orpana and Adolf Lahti, operations director Niko Miettinen, concur that the Mantsinen 300 takes work efficiency at the port to an entirely new level. It can efficiently load six pulp bundles at a time into ships of 40,000 dwt.

The crane is fitted with Mantsinen’s proven HybriLift drive, which provides as much as half of the energy needed for the work through an innovative energy recovery system.

“With Mantsinen, we made a conscious decision to invest resources in top class technology. It’ll be interesting to see how much this saves on costs compared to traditional, counterweighted tower cranes,” Miettinen said.

Last year, two Mantsinen 300s were put into operation in Belgium, at the Port of Antwerp and the Port of Ghent.

Tapio Pirinen, Mantsinen Group’s vice president, Material Handling, believes the Mantsinen 300 will transform how companies in the logistics sector think and operate. This is especially so when it comes to Handysize and Panamax vessels. Kimmo Mäki said that operations with the new crane will further enhance Vuosaari’s standing.

  • Mantsinen’s exclusive British Isles sales and service partner, Cooper Specialised Handling, is putting two more machines into the British market, both for NV Trading in the Port of Birkenhead. The first machine, a Mantsinen M90 Hybrilift, has already been installed, while the specification for the second crane is close to being finalised. NV Trading is experiencing increasing volumes and wants to maintain customer service levels. The M90 is expected to handle around 1.25 Mtpa, including steel, board products, fertilisers and other bulks.

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