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GENMA ‘magnificent seven’ make their debut

Nantong Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co Ltd (RHM) has launched a total of seven new GENMA products.

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GENMA’s third-generation mobile harbour crane
GENMA’s third-generation mobile harbour crane

The Chinese firm’s newly released machines are a grain robot, catenary bucket chain ship-unloader, scraper ship unloader, bucket chain ship unloader, cement pneumatic ship unloader, grain unloader, and mobile harbour crane.


RHM said the newly released GENMA products have a greater focus on efficiency and environmental protection, and the GENMA team employed “innovative techniques to create innovative designs and redefine the concept of the high efficiency of port machines”.


Among the newly released products, GENMA’s third-generation mobile harbour crane is claimed to have an operating efficiency improvement of nearly 20% compared to the previous two generations of MHCs.


“The third-generation GENMA MHC not only enables the grab to be able to adapt to a variety of materials, but also optimises each grab action, and can capture the material to the maximum extent within different working ranges, and to realise the functions of the design in order to grab more material per unit time. Yes, grab becomes more efficient,” said RHM.


The newly released GENMA scraper ship unloader is also claimed to have impressive saving-energy and efficiency-boosting credentials. “After two years of repeated testing, the unloader is now combined with the optimisation of EDEM Bulk-sim simulation software,” said RHM.


“If compared with traditional grabs, the current unloading efficiency of the product has increased by at least 25%, and the unit energy consumption is reduced by nearly 30%.”


During a conference this month, GENMA also launched a grain unloader called G-bot, and a “positive and negative pressure integrated conveyor” for unloading soya beans, corn, wheat and other types of grain, as well as a “large-tonnage negative pressure pneumatic unloading machine for powdery materials” such as cement and mineral powder.


“The peak unloading efficiency of the GENMA large-tonnage negative pressure pneumatic ship-unloader reaches 400 tph, and the power consumption is 1 kWh/t,” said RHM. “The new structure of the pneumatic unloader is simpler and more compact, lighter-weight, simpler in operation, less in clearance volume, and higher in production efficiency. The pneumatic unloader uses a high-power and high-speed permanent magnet motor to drive the fan to improve transmission efficiency while reducing energy consumption.”


Energy consumption of the GENMA chain bucket unloader is also claimed to be low, and the specific energy consumption coefficient is 0.2~0.25 kWh/t. “The clearance volume is extremely low ,and can be controlled below 2.5%,” said RHM. “The hopper of the overhanging section can be closely attached to the hopper to grab material, and it is not necessary to arrange a cleaning machine such as a pusher for this kind of unloader.”


GENMA’s catenary unloader uses an “endless rope winch system” for ship movement. This feature is designed to ensure compact structure, optimised drive arrangement, and shortened length and cost of port calls. “The chain structure is optimised to facilitate the replacement of the hopper,” said RHM. “The belt conveyor is optimised in order to combine inclined belt conveyor and the horizontal belt conveyor.”


The GENMA bucket chain ship-unloader adopts a floating reclaiming head to solve the surging problem and ensure stable work process. “The unique counterweight balance system reduces the centre of gravity and weight of the machine,” said RHM. “The driver’s cab is independently supported and is made to ensure comfortable operation experience and good vision while in operation.”


Wu Jian, chairman of Rainbow Co Ltd, commented: “Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co Ltd has always been committed to creating value for customers. We provide highly efficient and environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art products for customers under the premise of cost optimisation, in order to accelerate the development of intelligent and environmentally friendly bulk handling equipment worldwide.”


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