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United Wagon Company to launch dumpcar wagons

Russia’s United Wagon Company (UWC) is expanding its product portfolio with introduction of dumpcar rail wagons, intended for the transport and automated discharge of bulk commodities.

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United Wagon Company to launch dumpcar wagons

UWC said that prototype dumpcar models are currently undergoing a variety of preliminary and certification tests to qualify for an FBO RC FRT certificate.


Mass production is scheduled to start before the end of 2019. “The first lots of 25 and 20 units will be forwarded to the transportation companies TC ‘Fast Delivery’ and RPC ‘BrIK’, respectively,” the company stated.


UWC is offering two dumpcar models with drop sides and two-way discharge. Model 32-6982-01 is suited for fine bulk cargoes, while model 32-6982 is intended for coarse ore rocks.


“The 32-6982-01 dumpcar with no damping floor has an increased body volume of 42 m3 and a payload capacity of 72t, which renders cargo transportation more efficient compared to that of the counterparts,” said UWC. “This car is able to accommodate up to 10t more of freight, which reduces the required fleet by up to 15%.


“The other dumpcar, model 32-6982, features a damping floor, payload capacity of 71t and body volume of 42 m3. The car structure endures higher impact loads during the loading process.”


The company added that the design of the dumpcars allows them to be incorporated into any type of freight train and be operated using the existing shippers’ and consignees’ infrastructure.


With a side opening mechanism and a pneumatic discharge system, the car body can tilt 45 degrees to either side with simultaneous opening of the sides, before returning to the transport position.


“Using the 18-9855 bogie to equip the dumpcar extends the period between repairs, which allows a substantial reduction in operating costs throughout the entire dumpcar lifecycle, which is 32 years.”


The UWC dumpcars have been developed by All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology, and their serial manufacture will be conducted at TikhvinSpetsMash, a car production facility. Both companies are part of the UWC.


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