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UWC inks rail car deal with chemicals firm

United Wagon Company (UWC), Russia’s largest manufacturer of freight cars, and Concord Group-owned Alpina LLC, an inorganic chemicals manufacturer, have signed a contract for the supply of 50 gondola cars in Q4 of 2020.

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UWC inks rail car deal with chemicals firm

UWC will supply Model 12-9853 cars mounted on 25t axle-load bogies. This represents the first mass production modification of the conventional gondola car in UWC Group’s product line since the official launch of its Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant.


The 12-9853 gondola car is equipped with bogies with an increased axle load, resulting in an increase of in the payload capacity of the rolling stock to 75t. Its operating reliability has also been enhanced, according to UWC.


The body volume of the gondola car is 92 m3. These parameters allow the transport of freight in a wide range of densities using the full payload capacity, and transport of up to 10% more freight per run compared with the standard rolling stock.


The maintenance interval of the gondola car has increased up to 1M km, or eight years. A similar standard model on a 23.5t axle-load bogie would be sent for its first depot repair as early as after 210,000 km, or three years after construction, and to further depot repairs after 110,000-160,000 km, or after two years.


“The experience of operating a new generation gondola car proves the maintenance of the UWC gondola car to cost half as much to its owner than that of a standard car,” the manufacturer said.


“The statistics for 2019 showed an average run of a Tikhvin gondola car between uncouplings for current uncoupling repairs to have exceeded 200,000 km, with the wear of major assemblies and parts of the car bogies, which had already run 1M km before their first scheduled maintenance, still below the established wear limits.


Alexey Stepanov, commercial director at Alpina, commented: “The cars on the 25t axle-load bogies have already become a norm in the railroad transportation industry.


“Our selection of the rolling stock and supplier was based on a thorough study of the market. An analysis revealed that the new generation cars manufactured in Tikhvin demonstrate high efficiency during operation and a reduced lifecycle cost as compared to other similar standard models. We are looking forward to further successful cooperation with the UWC.”


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