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Wheel loader developments from Bobcat

Bobcat has announced a number of new developments in its compact loader range for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

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Bobcat has introduced the new Rear Camera Kit
Bobcat has introduced the new Rear Camera Kit

These include Auto Ride Control, Heated Cloth Air Ride Seats and several more initiatives, offering what the company described as numerous additional benefits for customers. The new developments are intended to provide an increased choice of features for the Bobcat skid-steer, compact track and all-wheel steer loader ranges.


Complementing this, Bobcat has also launched the S100E model for EMEA, an updated version of the company’s popular S100 skid-steer loader that meets Stage V emissions regulations.


Like the S100, the new S100E skid-steer loader meets customer requirements for manoeuvrability, size, weight, uptime protection, lift capacity and push force for this loader class. In addition, the manufacturer said that customers benefit from improvements it has made in operator comfort, ease of operation, noise levels, running costs and asset management.


These new advances come in the year that Bobcat celebrates the 60th anniversary of the loader, forming part of it described as “a 60-year legacy in compact loaders that is second to none in the worldwide construction equipment market”.


The improvements in Bobcat compact loaders include the following features:

  • Auto Ride Control (factory option and kit).
  • Heated Cloth Air Ride Seat (factory option and kit).
  • Cloth Suspension Seat (factory option and kit).
  • Cushioned Cylinders (Standard).
  • Auto Reversing Fan (factory option and kit).
  • LED Side Lights (kit).
  • Rear Camera (kit).
  • Deluxe interior foot-pad (standard).


Available as a factory option or as an after-market kit, the new Auto Ride Control system has been designed to improve operator comfort when driving with a load in the bucket, especially on rough terrain. This feature lets the operator lock in travel at a speed of their choice, so that they only have to think about where they are going without feeling the need to avoid bumps or any other surface level obstacles.


Benefits include reduced spillage caused by vibrations due to an uneven operating speed and/or irregular surfaces; more stability when moving up and down with a load/weight and the ability to drive faster on rough terrain. It is also an intelligent system, providing increased efficiency, performance gains and a more comfortable ride with fewer bumps, simply through the flick of a switch.


Heated Cloth Air Ride Seat is available at a factory option and kit
Heated Cloth Air Ride Seat is available at a factory option and kit

The new Heated Cloth Air Ride Seat is available on the Bobcat 600, 700 and 800 Series compact loader models. This is an alternative to the previous Air Ride Seat with a vinyl surface and further enhances operator comfort with the move to the cloth surface. It is designed to enhance comfort and productivity, particularly for customers operating loaders in cold weather.


On the 400 and 500 Series models, Bobcat has also introduced the Cloth Suspension Seat, again replacing the Air Ride Seat with a vinyl surface. The cloth surface improves the operator’s comfort all year round (in both cold and hot weather) and provides more comfortable seating on slopes and inclines.


The Air Ride Seat with vinyl surface remains available for Bobcat loader customers through the company’s Aftermarket service.


The incorporation of Cushioned Lift and Tilt Cylinders as standard offer advantages when the loader’s lift arms are lowered and/or the Bob-Tach system tilted, and the cylinders move towards the end of a stroke, by restricting the hydraulic fluid from flowing out so that the cylinder is slowed down before it fully retracts.


This slowing (or cushioning) effect increases overall performance and improves comfort, because the operator does not need to slow down the motion themselves when approaching the end of the stroke. In addition, cushioned cylinders soften the impact when the lift arms contact the mainframe, reducing noise in the workplace.


As well as being a standard, free-of-charge feature for the customer, this system allows the operator to work faster, with softer impacts, reducing spillage while tilting and ensures that the machine feels more stable when in use.


The Auto Reversing Fan helps to keep the grill clean and to clear out dust that can clog the cooler. This helps improve machine uptime, reducing the need to clean so frequently and it is an automatic feature, ensuring the operator does not have to leave the cab as often.


Available in kit form, the LED Side Lights improve the operator’s all-round visibility from inside the cab. The lights – incorporated in the cab structure to ensure high reliability − help the operator work more safely and efficiently, in all environments, in minimal visibility conditions. In extremely dark conditions, and especially in tight spaces, the LED Side Lights enable the operator to see how close they are to an obstacle.


To further enhance visibility to the rear, Bobcat has introduced the new Rear Camera Kit, with the basic system combining a 4.3-inch display and a 118 deg tail-gate mounted camera.


The Deluxe Interior Foot-pad provides an improved foot area in deluxe interior versions of Bobcat loaders. This offers a fit and finish improvement, enhances cleaning ability, and offers increased operator sound insulation.


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