Grab unloading here to stay


Although the gradual demise of bulk ship unloading by grab was being predicted in the 1990s for reasons of its inefficiency and environmenta...

Iron ore market heats up


Australiaโ€™s iron ore miners have secured an unprecedented 71.5 per cent increase in iron ore contract prices, which, coupled with a 120 pe...

Coking coal hot


BHP Billiton (BHPB)โ€™s decision to increase its coking coal export volumes to 100 mtpa by 2010 (see Bulk Materials International September/...

Boom leads to bottlenecks


There is a general feeling in Australia that the current boom in coal and ore demand marks the start of a sustainable long-term trend. Confi...

K-Line orders bulker


K-Line has placed an order with Universal Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) for an other 300,000 dwt super large ore carrier, its third, to be ...

MOL thinks big


Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has announced an agreement with Nippon Steel Corp to construct and operate a 323,000 dwt ultra large ore carrier (ULO...