Toll makes its mark in NZ


The boom in world coal demand has sparked a raft of deals between New Zealand’s coal suppliers, ports and the new rail operator Toll Rail....

Toll lifts NZ rail coal capacity


Toll Rail NZ has announced a series of crossing loop extensions to boost the coal carrying capacity of the west coast rail route from 2.4 to...

Lyttelton coal deal


An agreement signed between Lyttelton Port Company Ltd (LPC) and Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd has set terms for the long-term future of coal...

Kiwi coal boost


The port of Lyttelton, New Zealand, has reached an agreement with coal exporter Solid Energy on terms for increasing exports through the por...

…Kiwi coal changes


The recently opened New Zealand port of Shakespeare Bay, Picton, located at the north-eastern tip of the country's South Island, seems likel...