The Sino-Australia ore bridge


As well as keeping China’s steel mills rolling and bulk ports busy, seaborne iron ore shipments have kept Australia one step ahead of the ...

Eyeing an upturn in Oz


There are strong signs the Australian commodities cycle has bottomed, and a new investment phase may be about to begin....

Pilbara rescue effort


A coordinated rescue effort by creditors, suppliers and service providers – bolstered by a very modest recovery in global prices has seen ...

Pilbara rail plan


Junior miners in the northwest of Western Australia are intensifying efforts to evaluate a new, independent, multiparty rail system to conne...

Taxing times for Oz projects


The Australian Government’s decision to impose a 40% Resources Super Profits Tax has thrown a number of major mining projects into possibl...

Fortescue looks further afield


Fortescue Metals Group, the so-called ‘third force in iron ore’, is studying the Pilbara coastline for possible new ports through which ...