Great Lakes – drying up?


Ship operators on the Great Lakes are continuing to suffer from shallow water. Some are beginning to wonder if it’s part of a long-term tr...

North American energy plans


The Great Lakes/St Lawrence Seaway system continues to be one of the world’s major areas for bulk cargo shipments and this year’s naviga...

Canada correction


Dear Sir, I enjoy your publication, butI must make a comment with respect to your story on the Great Lakes (July/August 2004 issue, pp10-11)...

Canadian grain at 10 year low


Grain shipments on Canadian Great Lakes vessels plummeted to a ten-year low in 2002, registering just 6 mt, according to figures released by...

New Lakes’ tonnage


Deepsea ships entering the Great Lakes must be built to a certain size, and not too many operators are content to restrict themselves to suc...