Ovet strikes costly labour deal


Dutch transport trade union FNV Havens has reported that a labour deal has been struck with dry bulk stevedores Ovet of Flushing (Vlissingen...

Extra berth for Ovet


Dry bulk stevedore Ovet in Vlissingen (Zeeland Seaports) will get a new deepsea quay wall that will allow it to accommodate two capesize bul...

Ovet opts for Terex Fuchs


Following successful testing, Dutch port operator Ovet BV is buying its first Terex Fuchs MHL380 D hydraulic loader, through Terex Fuchs’s...

Ovet eyes a flexible future


Ovet’s unloading and transhipment activities in Terneuzen and Vlissingen on either side of the Scheldt estuary rely on floating cranes, a ...

A tale of two sealocks


Amsterdam and Ghent need new locks to be built sooner rather than later if their competitive position is not to be adversely affected....

Hot flushes in Flushing


In order to cope with increasing coal stock levels, OVET, which uses four floating cranes with a handling capacity of 70,000t per day, has r...